What you get when you mint an Ethling

7777 Total Supply.
0.1111 ETH.

1 Ethling

• Customizable Avatar
• Random Species & Subtype
• OpenSea and ERC-721 Compatible

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Limited Edition Wearable NFTs

• Up to 11 Limited Edition Wearables
• Randomly assigned
• Opensea and ERC-1155 Compatible

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1,000 Ethlings Token ($ET)

• Can be used to upgrade your Ethling
• Freely tradeable
• ERC-20 Compatible

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Metaverse Integrations
(Coming Soon)

• 3D Files and Models
• Voxel compatibility
• Free use in the metaverse

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Trade Wearable NFTs and customize your Ethling

Coming Soon:
Metaverse Capabilities

Bring your Ethling with you anywhere. This isn't just another avatar project. This is your personal representation on the blockchain.

First-of-its-kind technology

The Ethlings economy is built on new technology.

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On Layer 2, with near-zero gas fees.Get your ETH ready.

Cost to Mint an NFT on Main Network

Cost to Mint an NFT on Layer 2

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Earn royalties when Ethlings owners use your art on their Ethlings.

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