What are Ethlings?
Ethlings are a first-of-their-kind collection of NFTs that can be customized on the blockchain. An Ethling is a 1/1 ERC-721 token. When its minted it's given a serial number, a species, a subtype, and an assortment of up to 13 slots that can be customized. Some traits are rarer than others and having an Ethling with a rare species / subtype combination with a lot of customizable slots is hard to come by.
How do I get an Ethling?
We launched on May 28, 2021, and all 7777 Ethlings were minted within 5 hours.

You can now buy and sell Ethlings on secondary markets like OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/ethlings
What are the different types of Ethlings?
There are different species of Ethlings with different rarities. To further increase scarcity, each species has multiple subtypes, with varying odds of receiving one.

Earthlings: 75%

Apelings: 20%

Cyberlings: <5%

Spacelings: <0.4%
What are the customization options on an Ethling?
Every Ethling has 13 slots that can be customized, but not every slot is available for customization. When an Ethling is minted, a selection of anywhere from 0-13 slots are enabled. Once the Ethling is minted you can spend Ethlings Token ($ET) to reroll your slots or upgrade them.

The 13 slots are:
1. Background
2. Border
3. Feet
4. Legs
5. Right Arm
6. Left Arm
7. Chest
8. Mouth
9. Eyes
10. Hair
11. Hat
12. Future Slot #1
13. Future Slot #2
How do I transfer an Ethling from one wallet to another?
An easy way to move an Ethling from one wallet to another is using OpenSea. Open the Ethling you own on OpenSea, click the gift icon at the top right, enter the ETH address you are sending to, and hit "Transfer".