What is Ethlings Token ($ET)?
Ethlings Token is an ERC-20 token that can be used in the Ethlings universe to upgrade your Ethling. It's freely tradeable and will be available on exchanges when Ethlings goes live.
How do I get $ET?
For every Ethling that you mint you will also receive 1,000 $ET. In addition, you will earn 1,000 $ET for every Ethling you own over the first year after project launch.
How do I get even more $ET?
The Ethlings project does not offer an exchange or marketplace for $ET.

To get more $ET, you'd need to receive them from another wallet. We have no control or affiliation with 3rd-party websites or exchanges that may offer $ET.
What is the max supply of $ET?
The max supply of $ET is 20,000,000 tokens:

- 7,777,000 distributed with each Ethling at the time of mint
- 2,223,000 for Ethlings team at launch
- 7,777,000 generated by each Ethling over 1 year
- 2,223,000 for Ethlings team over 1 year

The $ET allocated to the team will be used at the discretion of the team for $ET liquidity, giveaways and compensation among other things.
What specific uses does $ET have?
$ET can be spent on an Ethling to do two things: (1) Reroll its slots or (2) Unlock a slot.

Rerolling the slots will completely randomize the slots that an Ethling has available. If you mint an Ethling that's not very customizable, you might want to think about rerolling it!

Unlocking a slot will allow you to pick a specific slot that you'd like to convert from non-customizable to customizable. This is a great way to upgrade your Ethling if it has almost everything you want on it enabled.
How much do rerolls cost?
Each reroll is 2,000 $ET.
How much do unlocks cost?
Each unlock is 10,000 $ET.
How do I reroll?
Rerolling is done on the Ethlings customize page (https://app.ethlings.com/customize) after selecting one of your Ethlings. On the left-hand side near the bottom you will see a button "Reroll Slots".
For how long do I have the option to reroll or unlock?
Until the end of time! As long as you own enough $ET to perform the reroll or unlock.
What are my odds when rerolling?
Each slot across all Ethling types has a 51.5% change of being unlocked when rerolling. No previous slots are saved, and all slots are either locked or unlocked again when rerolling.

The average result of a reroll is 6.695 slots unlocked. If you are somewhat unlucky you will get 6 or less unlocked. If you are lucky you will get 7 or more unlocked. The cost is 2,000 $ET to reroll. Below are the probabilities of getting each number of total unlocked slots on a reroll:

Slots - Odds
0 - 0.01%
1 - 0.11%
2 - 0.72%
3 - 2.81%
4 - 7.47%
5 - 14.3%
6 - 20.2%
7 - 21.5%
8 - 17.1%
9 - 10.1%
10 - 4.3%
11 - 1.24%
12 - 0.22%
13 - 0.02%
What happens to the $ET I spend on rerolls and unlocks?
It's burned! 
How do I add $ET to my MetaMask?
Create a custom token with this token address: 0x1488C7Cdee1B8b534A1789E9da8B447C7999e04b
How do I know how many Ethlings Token ($ET) an Ethling I'm buying on OpenSea includes? 
Please assume that all $ET associated with an Ethling on a secondary market has already been claimed.