What are Wearables?
Wearables are ERC-1155 tokens that you can use to customize your Ethling!
How do I get Wearables?
There are 3 ways to get Wearables:

1. Ethlings minted at launch came with limited edition Wearables
2. You can print Wearables on SCARCE bonding curves that are still active. This is how we'll drop new Wearables regularly
3. You can buy Wearables on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea
What's an Original Wearable vs. a Printed Wearable?

- are copies of an Original Wearable
- can be worn on an Ethling
- are normally bought (printed) and sold (burned) on bonding curves

Original Wearables:
- are one-of-a-kind
- cannot be worn
- are the basis for Printed Wearables. An Original Wearable is to a Printed Wearable as a woodblock is to a the prints made based on that woodblock
- accumulate royalties. An Original Wearable can be burned by the owner or artist to claim those royalties
I put my Wearable on my Ethling and now I don't see the Wearable in my wallet. Where is it?
Escrowed NFT Merging is the magic that makes Ethlings possible. When you put a Wearable on an Ethling it actually combines those NFTs on the blockchain. Your Ethling "absorbs" the Wearable and makes it part of its reality on the blockchain. But don't worry! As soon as you remove the Wearable from your Ethling it'll go right back to your wallet.
Can I sell my Ethling while it's wearing Wearables?
Yes! All of this is happening on the blockchain. You can sell your Ethling with Wearables on it and it will transfer that Ethling AND all of its worn Wearables to the new owner in a single transaction.